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About Nectarware

Just a lone developer with a passion for interesting new takes on old ideas. In classic millenial fashion, they want to reinvent the wheel. Although the company was started in 2021, it's been in the making since 2004. Developing games on whatever game engine you could get your hands on at the time. It wasn't about physics, linear algebra, or convention. And it wasn't about the holy grail of game design either. It was about making a game that you wanted to play. Nectarware seeks to continue this goal. If it doesn't make it, it will die trying.

But why Nectarware?

So many wares have been thrown around that conjure up negativity such as vaporware or shovelware. Necatarware trys to flip that on its head. Nectar is the reward for pollinators. Nectarware is the reward for gamers.